Privacy Policy

Politique de confidentialité et Privacy and Anonymity of Responses Policy

Satiscan is a limited liability company (sàrl) registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Geneva under the federal number CH-660.0.671.012-0 since 9 March 2012.

SatiscSatiscan is a polling institute that offers services and a web platform for surveys and opinion polls. We conduct lawful, honest, sincere and objective surveys that are carried out in accordance with the relevant scientific principles.

Our opinion polls are always carried out via the web or by post, never by telephone.

Your participation in our studies is of course essential to the representativeness and quality of our analyses. That is why we thank you wholeheartedly for participating!

Regarding your participation in our studies, we remind you that:

  • Your participation is optional, you are not obliged to answer!
  • If you are contacted by one of our interviewers, you can refuse to participate in the survey, and we will not contact you about it again.
  • Our web survey invitation emails contain a link that allows you to opt out of being contacted for the survey.
  • After we have invited you to a survey, we will make a maximum of 2 follow-up contacts with you.
  • We do not interview underage children without the explicit consent of their parents.

As far as your personal data is concerned (name, e-mail address, telephone number and other information that allows us to identify you), we commit ourselves: 

  • To use your personal data only for the purpose of guaranteeing a scientific methodology of data collection (for example to prevent a person from answering several times or to guarantee a sufficient response rate).
  • Not to pass on your personal data to the client or to any other person or organisation without your explicit permission.
  • To destroy or correct your personal information upon request.
  • To destroy your personal information at the end of the survey or as soon as it is no longer required for data collection.
  • To protect your personal information with appropriate physical and computer security measures. It is stored exclusively on our servers in Switzerland.

Regarding your answers to our questionnaires, we commit ourselves: 

  • To ensure that your answers remain anonymous and that it is not possible to associate your answers with your identity or to deduce your identity from your answers. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, even the client who ordered the survey only has only access to anonymised data.
  • To process your answers only for research purposes. We do not carry out any commercial activities for our clients that are personally addressed to respondents such as advertising, telemarketing or direct sales.
  • To analyze your answers in a scientific and objective manner and to give a true and representative picture of your answers.
  • To protect your answers with the appropriate physical and computer security measures. They are stored exclusively on our servers in Switzerland.

Updated : 17.02.2020

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