Sondages et enquêtes

Polls and surveys

Satiscan is a polling organization which provides services such as a web-based platform along with software for carrying out opinion polls, as well as scientific and ethical data analysis.

We will assist you in performing your studies

On a given demographic

  • Public opinion polls
  • Market research
  • Political and electoral surveys
  • Surveys on living conditions
  • Assessment of humanitarian needs

Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Product Satisfaction
  • Satisfaction ratings
  • Training (with both short-term and long-term follow-up evaluations)
  • Head counts
  • Audience analysis

Employee surveys

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • 360° Surveys
  • Management appraisal interviews

We have survey solutions for:


Our survey related services

  • Survey Design: methodology (quantitative surveys and qualitative studies), assistance and creation of questionnaires/interview questions.
  • Data collection: web-based and paper-based questionnaires, interviews in-person and over the phone.
  • Data analysis: secure web platform, multivariate analysis, illustrated reports, discussion of results.